Student Uniform Policy.

WHIN students in uniform attending class


WHIN believes that a student’s attire should represent his/her self-respect, respect for WHIN, and respect for his/her community. WHIN also believes students are able to preform at his/her best and be joyful when they are wearing comfortable clothing.

As such, WHIN students are required to wear a uniform that is respectful and conducive to an active and engaging learning environment.

The 2019-2020 Uniform:


Dark Blue Pants or Dark Blue Romper (with WHIN Logo)


Light Grey Polo-Shirt with WHIN Logo or Light Grey blouse (for under Romper)


Dark Blue or Dark Grey Sweater with WHIN logo and belts (Black) are optional


Black Sneaker or School Shoes

  • Socks and tights worn with Romper must be Grey with no patterns or designs

Gym Uniform

Dark Blue Sweatpants and polo-shirt with WHIN logo

  • Can be worn all day on gym days


Students may chose to wear jewelry that stays close to the body (ie. studded earrings, tight bracelets, etc.) and is safe to play in. Jewelry should be safe to wear during high-activity situations and not disrupt the learning environment. WHIN is not liable for the loss of jewelry, and recommends that students do not wear jewelry to school.

The following types of jewelry are not permitted:

  • No hoop, hanging, or dangling earrings are permitted
  • No jewelry with spikes, points, or sharp edges are permitted
  • Students may wear one (1) ring per hand

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